Future Space Innovation Challenge


Competition Schedule:

Online Registration:February 1-November 5, 2023
Qualification Review and Project Preliminary Review:July 1-November 10, 2023
National Finals:November 21, 2023
Global Finals:December 2023

Race Tracks:

Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing: Research and development of overall, subsystem, single machine and component of new spacecraft represented by rockets, satellites and spacecraft
Space Frontier Applications: Future space applications represented by space tourism, interstellar communication, moon development, space mining, etc; Emerging satellite applications and ground facilities and equipment manufacturing and application services represented by communications, navigation and remote sensing
Derivative Innovation Services: Derivative innovation services of aerospace technology in various fields of economic and social development, including aerospace cultural creativity, aerospace cultural tourism, aerospace science popularization research, satellite financial media and other derivative innovation services

Project Preliminary Review Schedule

The organizing committee will invite the judges to review and grade the business plan in accordance with the principle of “fairness, impartiality and openness” and the unified evaluation rules

Introduction to The Final Competition

Challenge final time: November 2023
The on-site defense mode is 5+2, that is, the roadshow of the participating project shall not exceed 5 minutes, and the judges’ questions shall not exceed 2 minutes. Each participating team or enterprise will receive 5-9 judges’ scores. The average score of the judges is the final score of the participating project. The project score will be announced on the spot, and the evaluation committee will score after the project roadshow is completed. The final will determine the top 10 in different groups according to the final score, and will award corresponding awards.

Project Preliminary Review and Final Review Rules:

The judges in the preliminary and final stages of the competition are invited from the competition evaluation expert pool. The members of the judges are composed of expert committees and evaluation committees (academicians, experts, universities, governments, and investment institutions). The expert committee and evaluation committee must have a high judgment on the scientific and technological innovation and business model of the project. The investment institutions must have rich investment management practice experience, and have original judgment and in-depth understanding of the aerospace field, All judges must agree to the letter of commitment of the judges of the Future Space Innovation Challenge.
The finals were conducted in the way of offline roadshow defense, and the final scoring results were announced on the spot.
Each judge will score according to the scoring standard, and the weighted average score of all judges will be the final score of the participating enterprises.
The final score ranking of the participating enterprises or teams shall be used as the criteria for promotion or elimination. If the scores are the same, the judges shall vote on the spot to determine the promotion enterprises.