Future Space Innovation Challenge

Entry Statement

Please read this statement carefully and sign up for the competition, which means that you agree to abide by the following entry conditions. If the participating enterprises violate this statement in the course of the competition, the organizing committee has the right to disqualify them. The entry statement is as follows:
1.The information submitted by the participating enterprises shall be authentic and free from any fraud, otherwise the qualification for participation and award will be cancelled.
2.The participating enterprises guarantee that the contents of their projects comply with the relevant laws of the People’s Republic of China. The project will not infringe any third party’s intellectual property rights, ownership, use rights and disposal rights. If the project does not have the ownership, use rights and other disposal rights of the project, or the project is obtained by plagiarism and plagiarism from other enterprises, all the consequences and legal liabilities arising therefrom shall be borne by the participating enterprises themselves, and neither the sponsor nor the organizer of this competition shall bear any legal liabilities.
3.The project team of the competition has the right to investigate and verify the information provided by the participating enterprises within the scope permitted by law, and may also require them to provide supplementary information within the time limit, and the participating enterprises will cooperate in this regard.
4.The intellectual property rights of the participating items belong to the participating enterprises. The participating enterprises voluntarily authorize the organizers of the competition to use the introduction and other materials of the competition free of charge for public publicity in various media during and after the competition.
5.Once the participating enterprises submit their entries, they fully accept all the terms of the competition.
6.In case of disputes during the second round and final round, the participating teams and individuals can fill in written materials to appeal as required, and the competition organizing committee will handle and reply according to the process.
7.If the participating teams and individuals do not express their appeals through normal channels, but spread false statements, incite negative emotions, and cause serious adverse effects on the work of the competition organization or the reputation of the organizer, the competition organizing committee has the right to cancel the team or individual’s participation qualification and bonus subsidies, and retain the right to investigate their legal responsibilities.

Organization rules of judges

In order to ensure the fair, fair and smooth conduct of the second Global Future Space Innovation Challenge and improve the quality of competition selection, the following rules are formulated for the judges of the Future Space Innovation Challenge:
1.Entrusted by the Organizing Committee of the Future Space Innovation Challenge (hereinafter referred to as the “Competition Organizing Committee”), the competition judges are responsible for the independent evaluation of the participating projects and provide professional evaluation opinions.
2.The competition judges are composed of expert committee and evaluation committee. The evaluation committee is responsible for the preliminary review, the second round and the final project evaluation and scoring, the achievement evaluation, the consultation and evaluation, the project guidance and other assistance and improvement work. The expert committee participates in the review and comment of the final.
3.In principle, the expert group participating in the second round and final round is composed of 5 to 9 people, with a team leader who is responsible for the summary of the evaluation opinions of the experts of the group on the selected enterprise or team.
Conditions of Judges and Experts
(1)The judges should have good professional ethics, be conscientious, responsible, objective and impartial in the selection of the competition, and ensure the investment of time and energy.
(2)The judges should have rich industry background, in-depth understanding of the industry and technical field of the selected enterprise, and rich professional knowledge of the industry, market situation and technical field.
(3)In principle, the position of the judges recommended by the investment institution shall not be lower than that of the deputy director of investment.
Responsibilities and discipline of judges
(1).The judges shall independently, objectively, impartially and scientifically evaluate and grade the selected enterprises and teams according to the selection materials provided by the competition organizing committee office and the specified selection procedures.
(2).If the judges have an interest relationship with the participating enterprises or teams, which may affect the fairness of the selection work, they should take the initiative to withdraw from the competition organizing committee.
(3).The judges shall not take advantage of their special identity and influence to provide convenience for the participating enterprises and teams by abnormal means.
(4).Without the approval of the competition organizing committee, the judges shall not change the selection team on their own.
(5).The judges shall not conduct cross-group discussions that hinder the fair selection.
(6).The judges shall not disclose the list of selected enterprises and teams, and the list of judges. After logging into the judges’ own account, the judges must complete the whole selection work in the competition judges’ selection system and submit their evaluation opinions. All the selection materials received at the site shall be returned to the enterprise after the selection, and the selection results shall not be disclosed.
(7).The judges shall not ask for or accept gifts, cash gifts, negotiable securities, payment vouchers, banquets or other benefits and any benefits that may affect the fairness of the participating enterprises, teams or related personnel.
(8).The judges shall not disclose and use the technical and economic information and business secrets of the selected enterprise or team without authorization, and shall not copy, retain or spread the selection data to others. The judges must confirm and agree to the Letter of Commitment of the Judges.