Future Space Innovation Challenge



As an innovative mass entrepreneurship and innovation competition focusing on commercial aerospace, it aims to provide a platform for more space creative ideas and innovative technologies. The competition gathers the most potential commercial aerospace projects at home and abroad with its forward-looking vision and innovative competition format. By finding top talents in the field of pan-space, exploring technological breakthroughs, and searching for star enterprises, we will achieve the goal of resources, investment, and support. Through selection and award, publicity and docking, and investment and financing services, The competition provides communication and cooperation opportunities for the entire industrial chain of commercial aerospace. 
The theme of the 2ND global future space innovation challenge is TUFAQIXIANG, Authoritative academicians, experts, venture investors, and university professors in the field of aerospace will be invited as judges. They will conduct a full-line review of innovation, commerciality, technology, scale, team and other aspects under the principle of “fairness, impartiality and openness”, and under the unified review rules. To deeply explore outstanding commercial aerospace projects and build a front-line display platform for commercial aerospace innovation entrepreneurs.


Guidance unit:International Space University (ISU)


Support unit:Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology、Taicang City Science and Technology Bureau、Shannxi Venture Capital Association、Xidian University

Chief Sponsoring Unit:RSC·CQ、International Ecological Alliance for Aerospace Information Industry (under preparation)

Strategic cooperation media:Peopledigital、Science and Technology Daily、EqualOcean、Reuters、NASA Amateur


Focus on advanced aerospace manufacturing and expand aerospace innovative applications
Explore the future of aerospace technology and promote the integration of aerospace industry and education
Carry out popular science of aerospace and train future aerospace talents


Challenge Composition
The competition consists of the preliminary examination of the project and the finals of the challenge. The competition focuses on hot and difficult issues in the development of the aerospace industry, key technologies and innovative products, and focuses on the transformation of aerospace scientific and technological achievements, product iterative breakthroughs and the extension and application of aerospace technology in various fields

Eligible enterprises and teams (hereinafter referred to as participants) can register for the competition, and no fees will be charged to participants


All innovation and entrepreneurship projects related to the aerospace industry, including space-related technology, R&D and design, satellite rocket manufacturing, aerospace sales and marketing, operation and use, service and security, cultural surrounding and other innovation and entrepreneurship projects, can apply to the competition

Team or enterprise requirements:

With the innovative ability and high growth potential, with innovative achievements, entrepreneurial plans or scientific and technological achievements transformation plans, and a completely independent project team

No bad records of enterprises or individuals

Project requirements:

The participating projects must be related to the aerospace industry with the prospect of marketization and industrialization

The following projects are encouraged to participate: industry-education integration technology or products, scientific and technological achievements that have received investment intention, projects that have been invested by angel investment, venture capital or other various institutions


Way of election

The selection is divided into two stages: the first stage and the final stage of the challenge. In the first stage, the top 10 of the innovation group, the top 10 of the entrepreneurship group and the top 10 of the industry proposition group were selected from all the registered projects to enter the final stage of the challenge

Following the principle of “fairness and openness”, the final of the Challenge is composed of 5-9 members of the expert committee and the review committee in the fields of aerospace technology, venture capital, management and other related fields, who conduct a comprehensive evaluation on the competition site from the aspects of “technology and products”, “business model and implementation plan”, “project innovation”, “industry and market”, “financial analysis”, “team building”, etc On-site awards

Awards Set

Carry out in-depth publicity on the award-winning projects, and the competition cooperation media will report and interview the award-winning projects
Provide long-term investment and financing docking services for award-winning projects, and promote cooperation between award-winning projects and relevant cooperative investment institutions

Award-winning projects will get the priority to applying to settle in the competition cooperation aerospace industrial park, enjoy policy support and result incubation services, and accelerate the transformation and industrialization of innovation achievements









Space industry venture capital opportunities

Aerospace Maker Camp provides entrepreneurship and innovation training and technological frontier knowledge update for the industry. In view of the latest support policies and technological development trend of entrepreneurship and innovation, open courses and systematic online courses of aerospace maker camp with online and offline integration will be held, and authoritative teachers will share practical experience


The government-enterprise matchmaking meeting on the commercial aerospace antenna is a series of online government-enterprise matchmaking activities created by the future aerospace industry for the commercial aerospace market. It aims to connect enterprises to government-related investment projects, connect relevant funds, and provide relevant policy support. At the same time, it will connect high-quality aerospace enterprises, high-quality commercial resources and aerospace projects for the government, build a solid bridge between enterprises and the government, and promote the rapid development of China’s commercial aerospace industry, Flexibly realize the direct connection of aerospace projects, establish a communication platform between the government and enterprises, assist the government in attracting investment, serve the landing of enterprise projects, and create more opportunities for the development of both sides through the resource docking of the platform


In order to encourage colleagues in the industry and support the spirit of mutual assistance in the development of space makers around us, Bole Prize was specially set up for the competition, and partners were invited to recommend projects for the competition. Three Bole Prize winners were determined at the final site according to the number of shortlisted projects recommended by Bole and the number of winners, and Bole was awarded trophies and certificates.


Contact:Ms Xu 17392497565    Mr Han 18910804637

The Future Space Innovation Challenge has launched the recruitment process of competition partners, participating projects, media and other organizations in different cities, and welcomes the participation of global aerospace technology-based start-ups and growth-oriented enterprises, innovation and entrepreneurship projects, large enterprises, investors, media and other organizations.